Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

Cathedral loves weddings! We will work hard to accommodate your desired wedding date; however, due to church services we have limited time slots available for Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays, your ceremony should be completed and building vacated by 7pm. Because of Sunday services, no weddings can be scheduled on campus before 3pm.

Our facilities include two separate venues that may be used for your wedding. Our Chapel is a smaller, more intimate setting which seats up to 200 guests. Our Worship Center is perfect for larger ceremonies since it can comfortably seat 1200 guests.


Chapel:                       $  875
Worship Center:        $2,225

These fees include:

  • Wedding Coordinator – at rehearsal for a maximum of 1.5 hours, wedding ceremony for a maximum of 2.0 hours and a maximum of three (3) 1.0 hour pre-marriage planning meetings. A Cathedral Wedding Coordinator must be a part of every wedding at Cathedral.
  • Wedding Assistant – for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Audio Visual technician for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Facility and Utility Costs for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Setup, teardown and cleaning costs

These fees are not negotiable.

These fees do NOT include:

  • Additional Room Conversion Fee ($200 fee for changing the décor of Worship Center or Chapel, if requested)
  • Soloist, instrumentalist and Pastor honorariums are determined on an individual basis. Therefore, the fees are not included in the above charges. These fees will be collected by the individuals, and is not considered part of the fee collected by Cathedral.