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Untangled – Week Eight

The “Untangled” series continues with Eddie Tilley encouraging us to learn to view ourselves and others the way God does.

Untangled – Week Seven

The “Untangled” series continues with Megan Lewis talking about how God longs to help us live free from shame!

Billy Graham Tribute

We honor one of the greatest evangelists of our time, Billy Graham, who went home to the Lord this week at age 99.

Note from Mike – Being a VIP

February 23, 2018 What makes someone a VIP? And exactly what kind of work does a VIP do? Ok, don’t answer those questions! Well, at least not just yet. As […]

Untangled – Week Six

The “Untangled” series continued… could it be that God expects WORK to be managed as responsibly as money?

Note from Mike – Momentum is Building!

February 16, 2018 UNTANGLED is a great word to describe what’s happening in our Cathedral family right now. We’re becoming UNTANGLED in how we see and INTERACT with the world around us. Our WORLDVIEW is coming back […]

Untangled – Week Five

We continue our “Untangled” series with a focus on ‘work’ – examining God’s Word about how to wisely manage our resources.

Untangled – Week Four

In our fourth week of Untangled, we share a video from Dave Ramsey about the ‘Biblical Framework for Wealth’.

Note from Mike – You’re good soil!

February 2, 2018 In Matthew chapter 13 Jesus tells the parable of a farmer planting seeds as an illustration of the different ways our hearts respond to God’s word. “Now […]

Untangled – Week Three

In our third week of Untangled, we share a video from Dave Ramsey about the spirits of ‘Pride, Poverty, and Gratitude’.

Note from Mike – The numbers are in…

January 26, 2018 The numbers are in, and we’re on the right track! We’re two weeks into our UNTANGLED series, and we have over half of our congregation enrolled in […]

Untangled – Week Two

Pastor Mike Lewis talks about how God wants to transform our minds in the way that we handle our finances.

Untangled – Week One

During our series “Untangled”, we’ll examine God’s Word about how to wisely manage our resources and steward as He intended.

Note from Mike – Happy New Year

January 6, 2018 Happy New Year! I hope you are all staying safe and warm during this wild snow adventure. Pastor BH gave a wonderful message last Sunday! “Don’t bully […]

New Year’s Eve

Pastor BH Rader gives a powerful reminder to stop bullying ourselves & instead trust what God has to say about us!

Note from Mike – Merry Christmas! 🌟

December 21, 2017 That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding their flocks of sheep. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the […]

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