Child Dedication



Child Dedication Class

Sunday, September 8 at 11 am – Meet in the HUB.

Child Dedication Services

September 15 at 9 & 11 am in the Worship Center



NOTE: Please only register the child being dedicated, not friends and family.
Family is welcome to attend, but they do not need to be registered.

Luke 2:22
“Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.”

Children are a gift from the Lord. During the child dedication ceremony, parents have the opportunity to publicly declare their commitment to partner with God in bringing up their child in a Christ-centered home.

This is also a special time for family, friends, and the Cathedral church family to express their commitment to partner with parents in training up their children in a godly way.

By participating in Child Dedication, you acknowledge that:
1. Your child is a gift from God.
2. Your life should be lived in a way that leads your child towards Christ. 
3. You need the help of family, friends, and the church to raise your child.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I go?

Please arrive within 20 minutes of when the service begins and check in at the receptionist desk in the foyer of the church.  We will give you your “reserved seating” signs, as well as a keepsake from Cathedral.

Where do we sit?

There is no designated seating area.  Place your “reserved seating” signs on your chairs so that when you go up on the stage your seats will remain available to you.  Sit where you can comfortably get to the stage.  The worship leader will give everyone a signal to join Pastor Mike on the stage.

Who may (or should) stand with us on stage?

It’s up to you.  Some will have family and friends in attendance; some will not.  Some family members will prefer not to walk on stage.  We would rather you do what is most comfortable for you.

What if I or a family member cannot get up the stairs to the stage?

Please let us know ahead of time (if possible) so that we can make arrangements for everyone to remain on the floor level.

Do I need to attend the dedication class?

We strongly encourage you to attend the child dedication class.  This is an important part of understanding child dedication.

Do I have to be a member of Cathedral to participate in a child dedication service? 

You do not have to be a member.  We only ask that you be regular attendees with a desire to nurture your child in a Godly, Christ-centered home.

Is child dedication just for babies?

No. If you’re new to Cathedral or to the concept of child dedication, you are welcome to dedicate your older children.


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Child Dedication Invitations

Additional Questions?
Melissa Govan