Note from Mike – Unlimited 2017

January 6, 2017

Hello Cathedral Family,

Happy New Year! We are beginning our Unlimited series this Sunday! I will be sharing what I believe the Lord is saying to us for this year.

Have you ever had a gift for someone that was SO good, you couldn’t wait for them to open it? Especially when you KNEW it was going to benefit them greatly. Well, that’s how I feel about this new series!

I believe God has some wonderful things in store for us, individually and corporately. It’s important that we have a sense of what God wants to do and that we align ourselves with His will and purpose for this year.

“Unlimited” is a key word for us this year, but I also keep hearing over and over again – “Breakthrough.” I think we will see many breakthroughs in several aspects of our lives – families, finances and more.

You can see why it’s important that we begin this new year understanding and believing what God is saying and that we actively agree with and decree what God is decreeing for 2017.

I would encourage you, if at all possible, don’t miss a single one of the next four weeks as we unpack Unlimited 2017. It will be cold outside this Sunday, but we will have the heat on for you!!!

We’ll also be serving communion. What better way to close out a year and begin a new one?! I believe you’re going to walk out the door after service this Sunday morning with your head held high and your spirit lifted beyond what you can imagine!

If you know someone who needs an encouraging word, invite them to join us for this series, Unlimited.

Remember we can’t determine how we start this life but we can determine what we do with it.

Mike Lewis