Note from Mike – Expand Your Horizon

January 19, 2017

Hello Cathedral Family,

LORD, BLESS ME! I hope those words are becoming part of your daily conversation with God. In order to live truly UNLIMITED lives, we need to become comfortable with the fact that God WANTS to bless us.

LAST WEEK we began stripping away the lies, labels, and wrong messages we’ve come to believe about ourselves. The hurts, fears and failures of your past do not define who God says you are and they do not determine your future. God determines your future, and He says it’s more amazing than you could ever imagine!

WE TOOK AN ACTION STEP last Sunday and wrote on a card everything that’s been holding us back from God’s best. Then we prayed over them, believing that God would break their power over our lives, and HE DID! We collected those cards from everyone so we could burn them, symbolically ending their influence on us. Check out the video here.

THIS WEEK we’re going to learn how to move beyond our horizons. There IS a limitation to what WE can see, BUT there’s NO LIMITATION on what GOD sees. He simply asks us to trust WHAT HE SEES. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). When we live our life from His perspective, we truly live UNLIMITED!

I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis