February 8, 2019

Dear Cathedral Family,

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our new series with Pastor BH Rader this past Sunday. What a great time of building our faith and learning about the key to getting our finances out of the hands of man and into the hands of God so we can live “The Blessed Life”.

The truth is that living “the blessed life” involves so much more than our finances. The Bible tells us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” (James 1:17)

In the Scriptures, God lays out vital principles for how to live. The invitation is always to “choose life” instead of choosing paths that lead to destruction and death. As your pastor, I’m sickened and cannot be silent about the new abortion state law passed in New York that allows late-term, fully developed babies to be aborted and allows non-doctors to perform abortions. Now other states, including Virginia and Vermont, are considering similar legislation, with Vermont’s being even more heinous.

As Christ followers, we cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in our country. The shedding of the blood of innocent children is nothing new. Thousands of years ago, in the Old Testament, we see God commanding His people NOT to follow the despicable practices of godless nations who would sacrifice their children to the false god Molech. The act provoked God to intense anger then and it still does today; as it should us!

Giving place to this kind of evil never brings a nation the blessings we’re talking about in “The Blessed Life”. Together we can do something to protect our unborn babies and fight for human life, for our children, for those who cannot speak for themselves. I urge you to speak up with me.

Raise your voice to God in prayer regarding this issue. Raise your voice by taking action and contacting our elected officials; call or write your congressman and senators asking them to vote for life. Raise your voice by voting men and women into office who will protect life and not kill our unborn children. Let’s let our voices be heard! May God grant our petitions!

Pursuing the blessed life,

Mike Lewis