Note from Mike – Unlimited Joy

February 17, 2017

Hello Cathedral Family,

We declare 2017 to be UNLIMITED because we believe that’s what God is declaring!

I want to encourage you to switch your dreamer to full throttle! We say, “The sky is the limit”; but God says, “There is NO LIMIT to what I can do!”  There is a tangible momentum building in the atmosphere, and I want all of us to BE AWARE OF and ENGAGE IN it!

God is preparing us for UNLIMITED possibilities! My prayer is that we get everything God has for us during this incredible season! If you’re ready for more, then go ahead and sign up for our Growth Track and begin discovering and living your God-designed purpose.

How’s the joy level in your life? Maybe you have been through some things that have stolen your joy and you find yourself less joyful. It may be that you have been in this joyless state for so long that it has become a way of life – “The New Norm.”

If so, this is your weekend!!! We believe that the Lord wants to restore JOY to you. 2017 is a year of taking the limits off your joy meter, and experiencing the true joy of the Lord being released in your heart.

It’s true that Jesus is the Glory and Lifter of your head! It’s time to look up and let hope rise.

This Sunday we’ll explore how cooperating with God releases benefits in all areas of your life. His presence overshadows your job, finances, health, family, relationships, dreams, and desires. He gives you joy and peace for your everyday life. In other words…YOU CANNOT LOSE WITH GOD BY YOUR SIDE!

I want THAT kind of blessing working in ALL of us! So let’s say it again…

We declare 2017 is the year the limits come off!

I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis