March 1, 2019

Dear Cathedral Family,

Dean and I had such a great time sharing with you last month during The Blessed Life series. It’s not often that I have the privilege of her joining me to speak. Now, she has graciously agreed to partner with me this Sunday as we launch our new series, The Vow.

This coming December, we’ll celebrate 45 years of marriage. Can I get a “Yay, God”? We’re looking forward to telling you more of our story and God’s faithfulness. We’ve had some bumps along the way, as we all have…more about that on Sunday! We LOVE being married and want you to have the understanding and tools to experience the rich marriage relationship God intended!

No matter where you are relationally – single, dating, newlyweds, happily married, struggling, separated, just looking – there’s something for you in this series. Be sure to invite some friends to join you. We’ll also be including helpful tools for your relationship on our new church app!

Dean and I can’t wait to be with you and share communion together this Sunday.

With great expectations,

Mike Lewis