Note from Mike – Love & Conflicts

March 3, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

Luke and Megan did a great job of describing the drift that happens in marriage and how to infuse life back into the relationship. I loved the illustration of using a communication ladder to get out of a rut with your spouse. The tools and techniques they shared will help all of us keep life in our relationships. If you missed the service, go online and watch today.

This week we continue our I Want A ____ Marriage series. I can’t wait to unpack the foundational issue of “falling in love” and then…well, let’s just say there is no relationship without conflict! We’ll also talk about what I think is the number one way of filling your spouse or friend’s love tank.

Come early to service this week and bring a friend! The worship team has some special music that I think you will really enjoy! Also, the creative team has put together a 5 minute countdown of Luke and Megan discussing marriage, kids, relationships, and how to have fun through it all. It’s hilarious and would be a great way to introduce your friends to the fun family of Cathedral!

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis