Note from Mike – The Great Do Over

April 13, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

I hope you’re enjoying our new series EXIT US!

Last week we saw how God took a lot of bad things that were meant to harm Joseph and turned them around to save a nation!

The nation of Israel grew strong in the land of Egypt, but as time passed, the Bible says, “there arose a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph.” This new Pharaoh felt threatened by the growing population of Hebrews, so he enslaved them.

This week we’ll see how God weaves together His plan, even in the face of adversity and missed opportunity. Have you ever wanted a “do over” in life? Maybe you believed that you were doing exactly what God wanted you to do, but it didn’t work. Or worse, something bad happened! Or maybe you felt like you “missed the boat” and now it’s too late.

DON’T MISS this Sunday’s message as we talk about The Great Do Over. This message will give you hope for the future.

If you missed last Sunday, be sure to watch it online.

Invite a friend to join you this week!


Mike Lewis