Update from Pastors Luke and Megan

May 12, 2020

Dear Church Family,

We have asked you guys to pray that we find the right people and be at the right place and want to let you all know that your prayers have worked. Being in Jacksonville is for sure an answer to our prayers. Our time here in Jacksonville at the Mayo Clinic could not have been any better! The moment we stepped on the campus, we were impressed. From the parking lots, landscaping, buildings, and offices to the nurses, office staff, and doctors, it all was confirmation that we were in the right place. Right where God has planned for us to be.

Yesterday we met with the neurologist who shared in our concern for Luke’s continually elevating blood pressure. He feels like right now this is our most pressing issue to prevent strokes, kidney failure, and other serious issues. He is also doing some tests to confirm but is thinking that last week Luke possibly suffered from an actual stroke instead of the previously thought TIA. We will have that answer along with several others when the results come in from multiple tests.

So far, they have done an angiogram and venogram of the head, lots of blood work, an EKG, and currently are doing a 24-hour blood pressure and urine tracking. In the next day or two, he will have a lumbar puncture and an EEG. We are also scheduled to see a Hypertension Nephrologist to get the right medication for Luke’s blood pressure. He will also check Luke’s kidneys to be sure they are functioning properly and determine whether or not that is contributing to the blood pressure issues.

We also met with the neurosurgeon. His assessment of the brain aneurysm is that we have some time to wait and get Luke’s blood pressure under control BEFORE we have to make a move. With this past week’s events, they would really like to get his blood pressure normalized and not risk a stroke during the procedure. This is SUCH AN ANSWER TO PRAYER! Knowing that the aneurysm is small enough that we can wait 6 months before surgery is such a blessing.

They are running more tests daily. We are anticipating finding out those results, as well as, our upcoming appointment with the nephrologist. We feel so comforted that the doctors are checking everything and leaving not one stone unturned. Between some of the world’s best doctors working on Luke, the most supportive Cathedral Family, friends praying for him, and the protection of our Very Big God we are confident things are going to work out!

Thank you!!!! Thank all of you!!!! From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued prayers and support. Throughout this week, your encouragement has been so constant and your prayers…never ceasing. Experiencing all this, along with your outpouring of love, has been such a source of strength for our family. We love all of you and again are looking forward to updating you soon!!

Missing you all in Jacksonville,