Note from Mike – God’s Strategy For Freedom

June 2, 2016

Hello Cathedral family,

I would like to say a public Thank You to Keith and Amy Brace for the incredible role they played in the Memorial Day service!

They carry such a mantle of honor for the brave men and women who serve in our military, and their shared perspective on the sacrifice of service in the military was very inspiring! If you missed the service, I highly encourage you to go online and watch. I also suggest you send the link to all of your military friends.

This Sunday we are diving back into ExitUs. I can’t wait to share with you the significance of God’s strategy that He used to break the Pharaoh in Egypt in order to let God’s people go free.

Do you sometimes feel “stuck” in an aspect of your life? Is there a place that you need God to move in a mighty way to set you free? Then make sure you’re here Sunday!

We are also celebrating the Lord’s Supper together as a church family this Sunday. Communion, a time when we are instructed to remember what Christ has done for us, is always special. We are believing for God to do a tremendous work of His grace for us all!

By the way, Misty Sanders and the worship team have a great worship time prepared for us.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!


Mike Lewis