Being a Part of God’s Story

July 24, 2020

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Dear Cathedral Family,

Oh the power of faith! To be unshakeable in your confidence that what you’re believing for but can’t yet see is just as real as the nose on your face. To know in your knower that the promises of God are true and they will come to pass when the time is right.

Joseph must have had that kind of faith – the confident assurance to hold on to his dreams and maintain his sense of destiny and purpose while riding the rollercoaster of ups and downs from favored son to pit dweller and slave, from Potiphar’s trusted servant to prisoner, from dream interpreter to the forgotten one, then finally being elevated to become the second in command of all of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh himself!

I think we can learn a lot from Joseph about how to keep living with purpose and stay in touch with the fact that God is the one in control. He is sovereign. He is the one with the ultimate authority. It’s our part to keep trusting, keep obeying, and keep moving forward, fueled by God’s Word to us.

Perhaps it helped Joseph as he began realizing that he was part of a story infinitely bigger than himself. It would have been easy for him to fall into the trap of seeing himself as a victim, but somehow he had an extremely high “Get It” factor. He realized that he had been strategically positioned to save an entire nation and thousands upon thousands of lives and that bitterness and unforgiveness were not options.

Joseph had been invited into God’s story, and his life shows that he responded with a resounding YES! May we do the same!

I can’t wait to be back with you this Sunday as we continue our study of the life of Joseph in the next installment of our Designed to Overcome series. We’ll be meeting in-person at 9am and 11am, still observing all our safety protocols, and online at 11am via Livestream or Facebook Live.

See you Sunday!

Mike Lewis