Note from Mike – Gifts

September 17, 2015

Hello Cathedral Family,

I am so excited about what God is doing in Cathedral!

ENCORE was amazing! The atmosphere of worship created a tangible sense of God’s presence. It was wonderful to see so many people being ministered to through prayer. There was a very strong sense of the Lord doing something in people that would go down through generations to come. Don’t miss ENCORE next Wednesday night!

In October we begin a new series called Whisper. Last Sunday, I asked you to begin praying about opening up your home to a group during the Whisper series. Would you expand your prayers to cover the entire series? Whisper is about hearing God, and I can’t think of anything else we need now more than ever.

This Sunday we’ll continue our We Are Cathedral series with the next installment of the 5 G’s. So far, we’ve talked about Grace, Growth and Groups. Our focus this week is Gifts. Let’s talk about your identity. Who are you? What comes naturally to you? Why do you like certain things, have certain hobbies, and enjoy certain people? Could it be that the answers to those questions hold clues to discovering who God created you to be and your unique and essential place in the church and in your world?

I’m looking forward to us discovering the answers together. See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis