Note from Mike – God’s Voice

October 1, 2015

Hello Cathedral Family,

What an incredible time we’ve shared together over the last few weeks in our WE ARE CATHEDRAL series and at ENCORE on Wednesday nights! I hope you have a sense of being refueled, recharged and refreshed as we charge ahead with the vision God has given us!

This Sunday we begin our WHISPER series. Whether you’re unsure if you’d even know God’s voice if you heard it or you’re accustomed to being led by Him, this series will benefit your relationship with God. Jesus promised, “My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me.” That promise is for each and every one of us.

We’ll be learning how to recognize God’s voice, be more aware of His presence and direction for your day-to-day life, and tap into His divine power for living a “World-Rocking” life powered by the Spirit of God!

Be sure to take these actions to maximize the impact of this series on your life:

  • Don’t miss a Sunday.
  • Get The Power of a Whisper Participants Guide by Bill Hybels. We have a limited amount of these available at the Whisper table in the foyer for purchase or you can Click Here to purchase from Amazon.
  • Join a Whisper Group. There will be a catalog of available groups in your chair this Sunday. The list will also be posted on our website in the next couple of days. Please take the time to locate a group near you and contact the leader.

Twenty-eight years ago, God whispered and Cathedral was born. I wonder what new beginning is in store for you? Let’s find out!

I’ll see you on Sunday!



Mike Lewis