October 11, 2019

Dear Cathedral Family,

There’s something so invigorating about these cool mornings we’ve been enjoying lately! Fall offers us a wonderful opportunity to shift gears, maybe do a little check-up on how our systems are functioning, and consider establishing some new rhythms – to push the RESET button, if you will.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little dry and parched OR find yourself fighting mental or physical fatigue that seems to be at a whole new level. It happens to all of us at times. I have good news for you today – there is hope!

Last Sunday, we talked about our incredible need for God. Just like our natural body thirsts for water (because that’s the majority of our physical composition), our spirit thirsts for God because we are made in His image – a spirit being. We have a soul (our mind, emotions, and will) and live in a body (cue the three circles illustration), but our true essence is spirit.

And so, our deepest refreshment and restoration happens in the presence of God Himself – through worship, time in the Word and talking with God in prayer. As we drink deeply, our focus shifts from our circumstances to the Kingdom of Heaven, we exchange our stress for His peace, our fatigue for His rest, our sorrow for His joy, and so much more.

If you missed last Sunday’s message (or any others in the PRAY FIRST series), I’d encourage you to pause sometime soon and get a cool sip of water for your soul and spirit here.

I’m so looking forward to this Sunday. Our friend Adrian de Visser will be with us, sharing what God is doing throughout the world, particularly in his home country of Sri Lanka and beyond. He and his wife Ophelia have poured their lives into ministry to widows and orphans, church planting, leadership training and combating sex trafficking. They know firsthand the power of prayer and have countless stories of God’s faithfulness to share. Don’t miss this powerful, faith-building message!

See you Sunday!

Mike Lewis