November 15, 2018

GOD IS MOVING! Two Sundays ago we had 86 people raise their hand to accept Christ! This past Sunday we had 79 people raise their hand to accept Christ! That’s 165 people that we counted! That’s a small church! When we started our AT THE MOVIES series, we asked you to please pray about who you could invite and, obviously, you responded to that call! Thank YOU for faithfully helping God’s kingdom to grow through the simple power of a personal invitation.

PASTOR DAVE is doing a wonderful job of weaving together the eternal truths of God’s word with the power of story. By bridging together the theme of these movies (these stories OR modern-day parables, if you will) with the truth of God’s word, the Holy Spirit is “drawing people” into the kingdom of God! They’re coming home! The theme of our first movie was, “God’s on a rescue mission,” and last week’s theme was, “Forgiveness frees us to truly live!” These past two Sundays are evidence that “surely God is in this place;” and “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!”

THANKSGIVING is next week, and we want to serve our community by providing meals to 400 families! With your help, WE CAN DO IT! The cost to provide a meal is $25. You can come prepared to give Sunday OR you can give online by clicking here. When you plant seeds of generosity, you reap the fruit of generosity. Thank you in advance for FEEDING 400 FAMILIES this Thanksgiving!

GOD BLESS YOU and I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis