MIND BLOWN: Building Blocks for a Strong Family

November 20, 2020

Dear Cathedral Family,

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.
Proverbs 24:3-4

Do you enjoy watching new construction? Someone has a vision for a home. That vision begins to come to life as plans are drawn by expert architects. A site covered in trees and brush begins undergoing a remarkable process of transformation. The ground is cleared and prepared, a foundation is laid, and construction begins. Days, weeks and months pass. Work continues. Finally, the structure is complete. Then comes the landscaping and interior decorating. More time passes; and ultimately, a family gets the key to their new house.

It takes a lot of expertise, years of experience and the right tools to create a house. But making a house a home, now that’s a whole other matter.

New construction is exciting – like starting out in a new marriage or having a new baby. But what if you find yourself in a “fixer upper”? Maybe 2020 has rocked your world and exposed some places that need a little renovation or reconstruction in your home – not necessarily in the physical structure, but perhaps in the atmosphere, in your sense of connectedness as a family, or just in the way you do life together.

I have good news. There is hope! And there’s help! This Sunday, we’re continuing our series, MIND BLOWN: Family Edition with a focus on the importance of the atmosphere in our home and the role of parents in creating and protecting that atmosphere. I can’t wait for you to hear the messages Pastor Dave Ammons has for you this Sunday. If you missed any of the messages in our series so far, you can watch or listen on our website or on the Cathedral app.

God’s heart is for us to have homes that are “established” and “filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Treasures like honor, respect, integrity, character, healthy relationships, encouragement, generosity and more. When our homes are built with God’s wisdom, they become places where God’s glory dwells. That’s our heart for you, too! Let’s go after it together.

Cathedral, thank you for being such a generous church! This Thanksgiving, we’ve committed in faith to provide a holiday meal to 400 families. There’s still time to give if you’d like to get in on blessing someone this Thanksgiving – just $25 feeds a family of four.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! We’ll be worshipping together in-person at 9am and 11am and via Facebook live and Livestream at 11am.

With gratitude,

Mike Lewis