Note from Mike – The Wonder of Christmas

December 18, 2015

Hello Cathedral Family,

The Lewis family is certainly approaching this Christmas with anticipation, joy and wonder.

CHRISTMAS is a time of wonder, you know!

Of course, when we think about the wonder of Christmas, we probably think about the sense of magnificence, astonishment and amazement that the sights and sounds of the season bring. And there’s no denying that the first Christmas truly was filled with wonder!

However, as I left the hospital today after visiting a friend, I thought about the other wonder. Like author Max Lucado, I wonder if the Innkeeper ever became aware of who he turned away? I wonder if Joseph realized the struggle that would come from being the father of the Messiah? I wonder if, on the long trip to Bethlehem, that Mary and Joseph ever doubted that they had really heard God?

I think we all experience both wonders at Christmas more than we realize. Many times we encounter what I call push back, meaning that something is ‘pushing back’ against what God is doing in our lives.

Have you ever noticed that God often doesn’t tell us all the details of the story at first? He only told Joseph and Mary part of the story; “You’re going to have the Messiah!” And after those first steps of faith, the other parts evolve as the journey plays out.

I’m excited about being together this Sunday and exploring the wonder of Christmas!

The wonder of …
where I am in life compared to where I thought I would be!
…this is not what I expected!
…this is not what I planned at all!

I wonder if there’s a new wonder to discover in your journey with God this Christmas!

See you Sunday,


Mike Lewis