Note from Mike – Christmas is almost here!

December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas, Cathedral!

Christmas is almost here!

Are you ready? Beyond the presents and decorating and cooking and holiday parties, are you ready? In your heart, ready?

What’s your wonder level? Not, the “I wonder… if…” I’m going to get it all done, everyone will like their presents, my family will behave at Christmas dinner or I can just make it to December 26.

Take a moment right now to stop. Yes. Stop. And just breathe.

Breathe in the wonder of a silent night, a holy night. When all really wasn’t calm, but a star shone bright. And angels sang. And shepherds found a baby lying in a manger.

Not just any baby, Emmanuel, the promised Messiah. Emmanuel, God in the flesh. Emmanuel, God with us!

Stop and wonder about that. God the Son, Jesus, setting aside all the power and dignity that was rightfully his as royalty, to come to earth on the greatest rescue mission of all. Come to save us. Because of His great love for us! Now that’s a lot of love!!!

My prayer is that the Christmas story will come alive in a new way for you, your family, and your friends this year! Our team has prepared an amazing Christmas Eve service. There will be music, dance, drama, candle lighting, communion and much more. We hope to see you on Saturday at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm or 6pm. Childcare is available for ages 5 and under.

Remember to invite someone to join you this Christmas Eve. This could be the one time your friends or co-workers say “Yes” and it could change their lives forever!

Just a reminder that we will not have services on Christmas Day. We will have services on New Year’s Day at 9am and 11am.

I look forward to seeing you and your family and friends on Christmas Eve. Joy has come into our world. Let’s celebrate!

With hope and great expectations,


Mike Lewis