Note from Mike – Celebrating Freedom

July 1, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Our team has incredible services planned for you around our We Believe statements. We’re looking forward to a great patriotic service this Sunday as we celebrate freedom!

If you miss a Sunday during your summer travels, be sure to catch up online.Did you ever think church could be fun? We do! So be sure to get in on the selfie wall with our summer theme and the food trucks.

During my study break, I usually try to stay under the radar, but I felt strongly that I needed to communicate this to our church family. A few weeks ago I spoke at the Liberty Network International conference in Pensacola, Florida.

We met a couple who are Russian pastors and discovered they are the ones Cathedral helped start a church in the 1980’s. They have one of the largest churches there now. He and his wife were actually at the airport in Istanbul when the bomb exploded last week. They were shaken up from the blast but unhurt.

Here is the prayer request he sent after returning home. Would you please join me in prayer concerning this matter?

I am truly being refreshed and the Lord is downloading some pretty cool stuff to me. Will be back in the saddle in a few weeks! Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Mike & Dean

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We live in a historically important moment – it is our time, the time when we, as intercessors, can change the course of history! God’s word says: if My people…will humble themselves and pray and seek My face…, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and heal their land. Let us seek His face together, come to Him in fasting and prayer for the situation happening in Russia.

Several days ago State Duma passed the law that restricts the rights of Christians and people of Russia at large. Yesterday the law was approved by the Federal Council and now the last stage is left – reviewing of the law by president of the Russian Federation. President Putin has the power either to endorse the law or to impose a veto over it – that is what we are praying for.

If the law is endorsed by the president, Russia won’t be a country of religious freedom. In some moments this law is even more harsh than the laws of the Soviet times, because it forbids believers to share their faith at home. Thus all the home churches would be considered against the law.

Let us stand together for Russia at this time! And let us agree in prayer for President Putin, that God’s wisdom be upon him at the moment of making this historical decision! And let us pray that the Gospel will be preached all over the country and Russia will be saved!!! We claim this country for the Lord!!!

Click here to read the article on Barnabas Aid’s website. 

Vitaly Maksimyuk
Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
Association of Siberian Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith
Covenant Church of World Ministries