Veterans Ministry

Veterans Ministry


To provide hope, compassion and support to our fellow veterans  and their families; through the strength and gracious mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, for in Christ we are never alone.

Activities and Programs
You are welcome to join us at any time as we gather in celebration and community. We are laid back and plan activities based on community and individual needs, and we are open to suggestions. Some activities include visiting the VA hospital, charitable fund raising, biking weekends, hunting trips, and outreach opportunities.

Location: Cathedral campus, Building A, Room 102
When: Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Primary Purpose: A fellowship of veterans, families and friends who share experience, strength & hope in order to cope with & overcome PTSD (Combat Stress).
Provide help by: Practicing recovery & coping skills.
Welcoming & sharing our message with other veterans, their families and friends.
Giving all who need it, the wisdom, understanding & encouragement through our fellowship.

Ministry Pastor: BH Rader / Email:
Contact Person
: Dan Gordon / Email: