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Dear Friends,

“It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.”

Luke 15:32

As we welcome the New Year, the parable Jesus shared about the prodigal son has been on my mind. In some way we have all (or will) experienced loss last year or in 2022. This is certainly true for many of the individuals and families we will serve this year at our center. When someone is lost, they feel scared and unsure of what to do. That is certainly something we see on a daily basis when someone is facing an unplanned pregnancy. The state of being lost can make you do things you never thought you’d do— just as we read in this story from Luke 15.

Just as the father rejoiced that his lost son was found, let us pray and believe that the women, men and families who come to our centers will experience what it means to be found! We pray we can rejoice that babies will be saved, lives healed and families restored. We believe for celebration and redemption for situations that look hopeless. Just as this father welcomed his wayward son home, we pray everyone who walks into our doors will feel that same love and grace!

~Chelsie Hill

This year “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday,” is January 16, 2021 but the ENTIRE month is designated as a month to express your support for the cause of LIFE! This January help preserve the Sanctity of Human Life and protect the lives of unborn babies. All around the nation, churches and organizations will celebrate LIFE and express their support of local pregnancy care centers. Is your church involved?

SOHL Church Flyers

Each year, we distribute Sanctity of Human Life Church Flyers to local churches. The flyers can be placed inside the church bulletin, or distributed to the congregation on their own. They provide information about how to get involved, through serving, prayer, or monetary donations.
If your church hasn’t yet participated in this way, we would love to help organize the distribution of SOHL church flyers this January! Please get in touch with us and we will arrange the materials for you. 843-863-1510 or info@lpcfriends.com

Baby Bottles for LIFE!

Here’s how YOU can help! Organize a Baby Bottle Fundraiser at your church, or even within your small group, school, work place, or Bible study. Every dollar makes a difference!
The Baby Bottle Fundraiser is simple:
1. We supply the empty baby bottles for your church.
2. You distribute the bottles to the congregation and promote the fundraiser.
3. The congregation returns the baby bottles filled with their donations (cash, checks, or loose change).
4. The bottles are returned to DAZZ and all donations go directly toward this life-saving ministry.
It’s as easy as that! To get your church or group involved,
contact us: 843-863-1510 or info@lpcfriends.com

Cathedral Cares LeaderMarsha Gueringer –wecare@cathedralemail.com

Cathedral Cares PastorBH Rader – (843) 760-2626 – bh@cathedralemail.com
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