Note from Mike – Forgiveness

January 20, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

Last Sunday we talked about the role of the church. Church was never intended to be just something you do on Sunday. The church is a community where you belong and where Doing Life Together with others brings greater maturity and capacity in your life. In other words, God designed the church to be one of the places where you truly find a Life Worth Living. So if you missed it, please visit our new website and watch.

This Sunday we will continue our series, Life Worth Living. We’ve all heard of ‘silent killers’ in the medical field; symptoms that get misdiagnosed as harmless or routine but end up an indicator of a much deadlier disease. Unforgiveness is a disease that affects all of us. Many times the symptoms can be misdiagnosed or glossed over as not really serious while behind the scenes, in the hidden places of our life, they wreak havoc.
Good News! There’s a cure for unforgiveness and it’s called Forgiveness. Join me Sunday as we take a journey to reveal areas of unforgiveness in our lives and invite the Holy Spirit to come heal us.

I am excited about this message! The service is also packed full of elements including a powerful drama, an interview and special song that will rock the house!

It’s going to be a great time of ministry that you won’t want to miss!

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis