Note from Mike – I Want A ____ Marriage

February 4, 2016

Our Life Worth Living series came to a beautiful end Sunday! So many responded to God’s prompting and found freedom and release at the cross. What an incredible sense of God’s peace and presence!

I believe God has been doing a work in us as a church family through the reflective times around the cross and communion. I feel so strongly about this that we’ll be incorporating them again this Sunday.

Now it’s time to kick off our new series, I Want A _____ Marriage.

What would you put in that blank? I honestly would like to know your answer to this question!

This Sunday you will have an opportunity to write your answer on a card and give it to me, anonymously of course.

I can’t wait to explore with you what it means to “become one” with your spouse and the role that plays in what God has for you. Whether you’re married, have been married, or are looking forward to being married, this series will serve you well.

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis