Note from Mike – This Sunday

February 12, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

Marriage is a wonderful thing! Honestly, it really is good. It is hard work and commitment, but it’s probably the single most effective growth factor in our lives.

Last Sunday was a great start to our new series, I Want A _____ Marriage. Thank you for your responses and filling in the blanks on the cards we handed out. We’ll be doing that again in service this week for those of you that missed it.

I’m so excited about this Sunday because we get to celebrate changed lives through the miracle of water baptism! It’s so good to see people responding to the amazing grace of God by publicly dedicating their lives to Him — just like Jesus!

This week the creative team has a wonderful song for Valentine’s Day and we’ll hear more from Megan and Luke about what works in their marriage. Also, I can’t wait to explore “becoming one with your spouse” and the role that plays in what God has for you. Whether you’re married, have been married, or are looking forward to being married, this series will serve you well!

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis