February 23, 2018

What makes someone a VIP? And exactly what kind of work does a VIP do?

Ok, don’t answer those questions! Well, at least not just yet.

As a church, we’re on the journey of intentionally shifting our worldview – getting every facet of our lives realigned with what God’s Word says – relationships, finances, marriage, parenting, work, everything! Getting it all under God’s canopy.

We started last fall with adjusting how we value people. We were inspired by John Maxwell to refocus our passion and energy on building relationships with those who don’t yet know Christ by intentionally adding value to their lives, praying for them and spending time together.

In January, we launched UNTANGLED, with a focus on biblical stewardshipusing all God’s blessings, God’s way for God’s glory – honing in first on our finances. Congratulations to everyone who is attending a Financial Peace University Group. We love celebrating your victories! I’m praying and believing for you as you keep pressing on in your journey to financial freedom! The best is yet to come!!

Now, we’re focusing on the biblical worldview of work. There are tremendous benefits of getting our theology of work right. We get a real sense that we are “called to do” something instead of “having to do” something and that we have the incredible privilege of serving others rather than just making a living.

There is no secular vs. sacred – all work has the potential to be holy when done under God’s covering. That makes all work VIP work!

In the beginning, God worked! We have the same mandate. What if work didn’t define you, but you defined your work by your attitude, your character, and the excellence with which you do everything? We’ll dive into that this Sunday.

This week, one of the greatest evangelists of our time, Billy Graham, went home to be with the Lord at age 99. We’ll take a few moments to honor his life this Sunday. Here’s how he defined a VIP – “So be steadfast in your commitment to Christ, and be a real VIP—a person with vision, integrity, and God’s presence.” May we all be inspired to live and work so intentionally and leave a legacy that brings God glory!

I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis