Easter at Home

April 10, 2020

Dear Cathedral Family,

“This is definitely not what I expected!” How many times have you said something like that during the last four weeks?

Now, it’s almost Easter 2020, and nothing is as it seems it ought to be. We’re foregoing long-held traditions and gatherings in an effort to escape an enemy we can’t see. But I’m confident there is a greater power at work for good, just like there was during the first Easter.

I wonder if we’re experiencing some of what Jesus’ disciples might have felt leading up to the first Easter(Sadly, they didn’t have the benefit of knowing what was coming on Easter Sunday like we do).

Disappointed, tired, discouraged and grieving – they were right in the middle of their world being turned upside down. Their hopes and expectations shattered. Life as they knew it had changed seemingly forever.

Yet in the midst of what seemed like total loss, the most historic event that would change the entire course of history was about to take place. Yes, it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! Jesus may have just died on a cross and been sealed in a tomb, but resurrection power is about to be unleashed.

And just like on that first Easter, our world today is in desperate need of hope. They need the hope that we have as followers of Christ. Because Jesus is alive, we can experience new life and the resurrection of what seems too far gone, even in our current situations.

Cathedral, would you do what you’ve always done so well? Invite your friends, family, neighbors and others in your sphere of influence to join you for our ONE online Easter service this Sunday at 11am. I am confident that God is going to move with the same power, maybe even more so, that we’ve seen over the last 33 years.

Take a few moments and share an invitation on your social media, send some personal texts and make some calls. Perhaps you can start a Watch Party on Facebook on Sunday morning. We’ve heard incredible stories of people jumping on Watch Parties over the last few weeks who would never have come into the church building. Remember, your voice matters. You matter!

Finally, would you join me in praying and believing for incredible life-change this Easter? Because gathering together in one place may be cancelled, but HOPE IS NOT CANCELLED.

If you could use a little encouragement right now, take a few minutes to remind yourself about our God and his great faithfulness.

Dean and I love you and miss you all! We’re keeping you covered in our prayers.

We can’t wait to see you online on Easter Sunday!

With great hope,

Mike Lewis