Let Your Light Shine

April 4, 2020

Dear Cathedral Family,

To know you is to experience a flowing fountain, drinking in your life, springing up to satisfy. In your light, we receive the light of revelation. Psalm 36:9

We’ve been talking about this being a season of RESET. Today, I am believing for an infusion of God’s life into you. I’m praying specifically that your enjoyment of life will increase. What might that look like for you and your family?

Could I encourage you to ACTION today? Take time to intentionally count your blessings. Put words to your gratitude and make a list. Take pictures as you find creative ways to make good memories.

There’s no doubt that the stress level is increasing. It’s almost tangible in the atmosphere; especially as the numbers keep rising and our time of extra precautions has been extended until at least April 30. But we are not victims to fear or anxiety. We have strong weapons that are not of this world (Ephesians 6).

Three of our key weapons are Prayer, Worship and the Word! That’s why we’re going to spend extra time focusing on these three areas during our time together this Sunday. I can hardly wait. I’m believing God for a powerful move.

Normally, I’d ask you to invite your friends to come and attend service with you. Today, I’m asking you to do the same, just via social media. (Aren’t you grateful that we are living in a time with so much technology available to us to help share the Good News?)

Would you help us as we go LIVE this Sunday morning? Go ahead and jump on Facebook a little early (we’ll go live at 10:50am) and start a Watch Party. You have followers on social media who wouldn’t come to our profile to watch, but they will jump on your Watch Party. You have influence and your voice matters!

Also, be sure to get our app and turn ON your notifications. We’ve got great resources to help you throughout the week and will be using it more to communicate with you in the coming days.

Thank you for continuing to BE THE CHURCH! YOU are making a difference.

See you online as we continue building our “Hope in the Midst of Crisis”.

With love and gratitude,

Mike Lewis