April 13, 2018

It was SO GOOD to be back in the saddle on Sunday! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of our worship service!

Several times while I had bronchitis, I felt the healing process was moving too slowly. However, each time I came to a service, I was ministered to STRONGLY. It was wonderful to be in a service and be led by a worship team that sincerely worshipped God. Thank you for being who you are…true worshipers of God!!!

Marriage and family relationships have always been a passion of mine. I could not be more excited about launching into our Family Fixer Upper series.

Let me remind you of what I said this past Sunday…WE ARE NOT digging any shame pits or taking any guilt trips. We have all done far too much in that area. I have many friends with failed marriages, but that’s in the past! We’re moving forward, not backward. At the end of the day, WE ALL can do better! I want all of us to experience a better marriage, like God intended!

This Sunday we are going to get really practical about developing relationships.

What if there was a track we could use in a developing relationship? Well, there IS a biblical pace and order for relationships to develop and I will be talking about that this Sunday. It will be helpful to long-time marriages, to newlyweds, to those who are dating and everyone in between.

I CAN’T WAIT to worship with YOU again on Sunday!

Mike Lewis