April 21, 2018

Vision Night was amazing! I really enjoyed worshiping with all of you. Pastor Dave Ammons lead us in a time of celebration for our Cafe and C Kids ministry teams, and the largest number of Easter salvations in the history of Cathedral! He also gave us an EXCITING PREVIEW of what’s coming up in our next small groups semester! If you missed Vision Night, Dave will be giving a brief recap of our next semester this Sunday in service.

There are two sides to every story. That’s a very true statement, especially when it comes to marriage and family relationships, but I’m not talking about the “he said, she said” kind of two sides. I’m talking about the natural AND the supernatural. We will talk about both this weekend.

Very few of us grew up in families where conflict resolution was modeled for us. Most of us witnessed arguing without any kind of resolution or withdrawing when wounded. Probably more common is growing up in homes where talking about conflict is avoided at all costs. For all of us, married or not, I think we could sharpen our problem-solving skills.

And make no mistake, there is often times a spiritual component to conflict as well. God makes it VERY CLEAR that behind the natural world that we interact with on a daily basis is a supernatural world that is unseen, BUT even more powerful than the natural world we see. So how does that factor into conflict and, more importantly, conflict resolution?

This Sunday, I want to improve our practical relationship skills by increasing our awareness of where arguments and disagreements come from, and how to resolve them in a life-giving way. God gives us instructions we can use to go beyond our ‘human’ reasoning and take our relationships to the next level.

I Can’t Wait To See You Sunday!

Mike Lewis