Pray First – Pray for Pastor Luke

May 4, 2020

Dear Church Family,

It’s time to press in and pray! Yesterday, Pastor Luke Turner was admitted to Roper St. Francis Hospital with stroke-like symptoms. In case you’re new to Cathedral, Luke is my eldest daughter Megan’s husband, and father of my three granddaughters. He serves as Cathedral’s executive pastor, and he and Megan lead our creative team for services and our FUEL (teens) ministry.

Luke’s symptoms and progress over the last 24 hours are consistent with him having experienced a TIA – a transient ischemic attack – which is often called a mini-stroke. He’s not quite back to himself yet, but the doctors say that he has fully recovered from this event with no permanent damage. We’re celebrating that good news!

But there’s more. Over the last season, Luke’s blood pressure has been quite high, difficult to regulate with medication and a point of great concern. We’ve been praying that God would reveal any root sources and bring to the forefront anything that needed to be addressed so that he can walk in divine health. During the course of assessing Luke’s condition after this TIA event, an MRI showed evidence of a brain aneurysm.

This is why we’re asking you to pray, church, pray! The aneurysm is located in a critical area of Luke’s brain and could be life-threatening if not treated surgically. Because this aneurysm is beyond the scope of the ability of the staff at Roper St. Francis to treat, Luke was discharged today and our family has started the process of getting him admitted to MUSC so he can receive the vital medical care that he needs.

Let’s all take a deep breath and PRAISE GOD that this event REVEALED a life-threatening condition that could have gone undetected until it was too late. In that spirit of GRATITUDE and with a sense of URGENCY, let’s press in and pray!

Would you agree with us as we ask for the Holy Spirit to overshadow our family and give us favor as we pursue the best direction for Luke’s care? We’re believing for the right surgeons, the right doctors, the right nurses, and the right technicians at every step along the way. We’re praying for every detail to come into proper alignment for the best possible outcome and for a successful surgery with NO adverse side effects.

Thank you for praying with us that the PEACE and COMFORT of the Holy Spirit will envelop our family as we continue this journey. It is INDEED a BLESSING that all of this has come into the LIGHT and can now be addressed with laser accuracy!

We love you all, and we will get through this together!


Mike Lewis