Note from Mike – The Great I AM Revealed

May 19, 2016

Hello Cathedral family,

I hope you’re enjoying the book of Exodus as much as I am! Last week we picked back up with our good friend Moses. We saw how his life’s journey had caused him to believe a lie…that God really didn’t want to be with him. Sound familiar?

It’s easy to get confused between our role and God’s role. As we encounter life’s more difficult obstacles, we can lose sight of just how big God really is. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that He’s bigger than ANY obstacle that stands in our way.

The truth is that we are His children, set apart for a purpose, and that purpose is always bigger than anything we could ever do on our own. God WANTS to be with us, His DESIRE is to see us win; and, to stack the deck permanently in our favor, He gave us VICTORY IN JESUS. When we sang that hymn at the end of service last Sunday, there was a renewed sense of purpose in the room as God breathed life back into the dreams of His children. If you missed the service, be sure to watch online.

This week we’ll see how God begins to make himself known to His people who had been immersed in Egyptian culture for over 400 years. Join us as the story unfolds and The Great I AM reveals Himself in astounding ways. The display of His glory will be undeniable!

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis