Note from Mike – The Great I AM

The Great I AM

May 12, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

What an amazing Mother’s Day! It’s always such a special time when we get to partner with parents as they dedicate their children to God. We are committed as a church to helping families bring up their kids with a biblical worldview so that they know who God is and who they are in Him.

I trust that you were encouraged by Megan’s message on Mother’s Day! Just like the disciple Peter, even when we blow it, Jesus invites us to come back to the truth of who we are and live out of that reality. “You are blessed. You are called. You are adequate. You are capable. You are a rock even when you feel like a reed.” If you missed the service, be sure to watch it online.

This Sunday, we’ll jump back into our ExitUs series. I am loving this study of Exodus. When we left off, Moses just had his burning bush encounter with God. God reminded Moses of his destiny and purpose, re-upping his call. In that moment of decision, Moses chose to trust God and say “YES!” Which brings us to this Sunday.

I can’t wait to share with you how God begins to make himself known to His people who had been immersed in Egyptian culture for over 400 years. Join us as we see how The Great I AM reveals Himself in undeniable and mind-blowing ways.

See you Sunday!


Mike Lewis