Note from Mike – The Power of a Story

August 26, 2016

Dear Cathedral Family,

“At The Movies” is a Big Hit!

Our new series is off to the races, so to speak. Last week we looked at the incredible true story of Seabiscuit.

What makes the story of Seabiscuit so inspirational? A broken horse, an angry jockey, a bankrupt millionaire, and a lost trainer become “family”. And ultimately, by overcoming their brokenness, hurt and pain together, they produce a champion.

I can’t think of a better picture of God’s church. All God’s children got “stuff”! AMEN?! But God is the master at taking all of our “stuff” and creating life champions. If you missed the service, I strongly encourage you to go online and watch.

This Sunday we continue our “At The Movies” series. I think Jesus is a big fan of using movies to teach biblical truths, because He understands the power of using stories to illustrate truth. This Sunday’s movie is HUGE! I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s one of the biggest true stories to ever hit the big screen. To match the bigness of our movie, Janton and the worship team have created a HUGE worship set, as well. Don’t miss it!

We are doing “At The Movies” because it’s a great on-ramp for people who may not normally attend church. So use this outreach tool and invite your friends and coworkers. I’m believing that they will encounter God’s presence in such a life-giving way that it changes the course of their lives. Who knows what potential champions are just waiting to be discovered.

See you and your friends on Sunday!


Mike Lewis