Note from Mike – Hermine Hits!

September 2, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

Hermine Hits: Halts Lowcountry Activities!

I hope you all have managed to stay safe and dry during our dance with tropical storm Hermine. Last week, in our At the Movies series, we looked at one of the greatest water disasters of all times, Titanic. If you missed last week’s message, I highly encourage you to go online to watch it. Aside from the epic love story, depicted in Hollywood’s big screen version of Titanic, there are some strong life lessons that can be learned. You can find the link here.

Our movie this week, chosen well before we knew what was headed our way, is surprisingly appropriate for what we experienced Friday with the tropical storm. All around the Lowcountry, people were forced to shift their schedules. Most schools and governments offices were closed, as were some businesses. In the midst of the storm, there was a strange calm as people everywhere were forced to slow down their pace of life. Suddenly, the weekly routine was interrupted and the maddening pace of the day was brought to an abrupt crawl. How does it feel to slow down?

This Sunday we will explore the incredible value of our time. What are you doing with the wonderful gift of your time?

At The Movies is a great series to invite your friends to enjoy with you. After all, how often do you get to ride the Regal roller coaster in church?!

I’ll see you and a friend on Sunday!


Mike Lewis