November 1, 2018

Hello Cathedral Family!

FEAR…LET’S TALK, our October mini-series, has come to an end, and I believe that we just scratched the surface of a topic that we’ll consider revisiting in the very near future. I pray that the services in October helped you lower your level of fear to some degree.

For most of us, life with even just one degree LESS of fear would be wonderful! You might even say that your life has now become, to some degree (even if just one) FEARLESS! If you missed any of our weekend services in October, you can watch them here.

I WANT TO REMIND YOU of a passage that the Lord gave me during this series that I believe I mentioned at both services.

“The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,” says the Lord of hosts. “And in the place I will give peace,” says the Lord of hosts.
Haggai 2:9

In this passage, the first temple had been destroyed and God’s people who had returned to Jerusalem from Babylon after decades of exile were taking on the task of rebuilding it. Compared with Solomon’s temple, this new structure was nowhere near as elaborate as the former. It was disappointing to some, to say the least; but the Lord said, “The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former.”

I said to you in the message that I believe this is A WORD for Cathedral and a word for YOU personally. The best is yet to come in your life! God wants the next phase, the second half of your life, to be better than the former.

Have FAITH…write this verse down…BELIEVE IT!!!

I AM!!!

I also want to say THANK YOU to Donna Kingsbury for taking the time to share with us from her professional experience as a licensed professional counselor. Our FEAR…LET’S TALK series ended Sunday afternoon with a Q&A session led by Donna. I believe she helped all of us who were there gain a better understanding of the crippling effects of fear and how to begin to develop strategies to cope with and overcome hurtful life patterns.

I’M EXCITED about our next series, AT THE MOVIES! Now, I’m not a huge movie person; I prefer books, but lots of people love movies, which makes an AT THE MOVIES series the perfect tool to create intrigue with your non-Christian friends. It’s no accident that we’re doing this series in November. If you’ve been around Cathedral for a while, you know that December is HUGE for our church family. We celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ coming as our savior ALL DECEMBER long! So, if we can get your non-Christian friends here in November, hopefully they’ll stay for CHRISTMAS AT CATHEDRAL in December. My hunch is that, at some point, during one of those services, they’ll say YES TO JESUS!

John Eldredge said, “a story (movie) can bring you a glimpse of the eternal.” These can be the kind of stories that will cause people to say, “This is what my life should be about.” Then, through Scripture, we can show them where true meaning and destiny really lie — in the person of Jesus Christ.


1) AT THE MOVIES to attract unbelievers


3) AN INVITATION for your friends to COME HOME to the family of God!

GOD BLESS YOU and I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis