Note from Mike – Give Your Best

November 3, 2016

Hello Cathedral Family,

I hope you enjoyed Adrian last week! His love for God and his knowledge of what is happening in the church around the world is encouraging and inspiring! Thank you so much for your generosity in support of Adrian and his ministry. It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to sow into a ministry that is doing so much good for the Kingdom of God. If you missed the service, please take time soon to watch online.

HALLAPALOOZA was a HUGE success! Over 100 volunteers served more than 4000 people on our campus Monday night and the atmosphere was exciting and fun! Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s event a BIG WIN!

This week we’re studying the life of Elisha the prophet. Elisha was the successor to Elijah and his journey from wealthy farmer to prophet is full of wisdom for us today. If he could come down from heaven and offer us any advice from his journey, it would probably be Give Your Best Wherever You Are. What if I’m stuck in a mundane job? Give your best. What if nobody even sees what I do? Give your best. What if my hopes and dreams seem like a distant memory? Give your best, and watch God do the rest!

Elisha’s story has something for everyone so invite someone you know that needs to connect with God.

Also, FOOD TRUCKS will be here Sunday so come hungry! We have Miracle’s Tasty Express, Food Baby, and Wich Cream for your sweet tooth!

Have a great day!


Mike Lewis