May 10, 2019

Dear Cathedral Family,

This Sunday we’re celebrating all the amazing moms in our world:

  • the newest moms,
  • the experienced ones,
  • the ones with littles and those with adult children (because they will always be your babies) and every age in between,
  • the sandwich generation moms, caring for kiddos and aging parents,
  • the single mamas,
  • the ones who are still waiting,
  • the mamas whose arms ache for the one they can’t hold,
  • the aunts, sisters, grandmas and friends, and
  • the ones who don’t think of themselves as moms but who mother us in ways they probably don’t even realize.

Our hope and prayer is that by the end of the service, all our ladies will feel celebrated and honored, a little more energized and encouraged, and that you’ll believe more of the truth about who you really are and the incredible influence of your life. Pastor Megan Turner has a powerful message – not just for moms, but for all of us!

Mom, you are a miracle. An exquisite work of art. A masterpiece.

Your life matters!

We can’t wait to celebrate you!!!

See you Sunday.

Mike Lewis