September 7, 2018

Hello Cathedral Family!

ARE YOU HEARING a common theme over the last few Sundays? In the midst of darkness and chaos, God moves (Charles Simpson). In the middle of a drought, God comes (the story of Elijah praying for rain after a three and a half year drought in 1 Kings 18).

That “dark” place, that “dry” place – it’s WHERE YOU ARE when you’re not where you were, but you’re not yet where you’re going to be. For the purpose of our series, we’re calling it STUCK.

GOD DOESN’T INTEND for us to stay STUCK, but LAST WEEK we learned how we can hijack His will and choose to stay in that STUCK place. We read in the Bible how the children of Israel had been delivered from slavery in Egypt and were headed to the land God had promised them, but they didn’t overcome the mentality that was formed in their last season. Not only did they speak and act like they did in their last season, but they defended their old system of understanding, thinking and acting.

BECAUSE OF THEIR CHOICE, God allowed them to have exactly what they were speaking out of their mouths. What should have been an eleven-day transition into God’s promises turned into forty years of wandering in the desert. That’s why we need to be sure to put our old way of understanding, thinking, and acting behind us and place ourselves in alignment and agreement with what God says about us and our future.

THIS WEEK we’ll look at another aspect that can keep us from moving toward the future God has for us. I won’t go into details now, but keywords would be fear, shut down, intimidation, well…we’ll talk about it this weekend!

I’ll see you Sunday!

Mike Lewis