Christmas 2018

Dear Cathedral Family,

Christmas Greetings! Dean and I would like to say, “Merry Christmas” and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season filled with joy beyond your expectations! Our prayer is that you will experience the peace and hope of Emmanuel – God with us – coming into your heart and home.

Especially at Christmas time, an overwhelming sense of gratitude rises in our hearts for the privilege of being entrusted with leading such an incredible church family. Thank you for allowing us to pastor you! This is our 31st year to celebrate Christmas at Cathedral! All the wonderful things that have happened during the year seem to culminate with our celebrating Christ’s birth together.

Words can hardly express how delighted we are to be part of such a wonderful church family. Your love and support have made this a special and memorable year, and your gracious comments and the tender ways you have touched our lives have not gone unnoticed. Thank you so much!

During this very special time of year, we invite you to join us as we open our hearts to the true spirit of Christmas! This is a season that calls for childlike anticipation, excitement, faith, and love.

Just as the promises of thousands of years of prophecy were fulfilled with the birth of Jesus Christ that first Christmas, there is hope for our world this holiday season. This is echoed in my favorite line of the carol, O Little Town of Bethlehem: “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”

Our prayer for you is to have:

The Wonder of Christmas—He is indeed Wonderful.
The Wisdom of Christmas—He is a wonderful Counselor.
The Strength of Christmas from the Mighty God.
The Love of Christmas because He is our Everlasting Father.
The Peace of Christmas imparted from the Prince of Peace.

May God bless each of you and grace you with a glorious Christmas!

Mike Lewis